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Our ancestors used fire to cook their food, heat their homes, give light to the darkness, and keep the scary things away at night. It was tended and fed – like the other precious things of life – the children and the gods. Today, we still use fire for all the same purposes. Today, that fire most often runs through copper wires. Though no longer the open fire of the past, it continues to feed us, light us and keep our fears at bay. Humans and fire – still we live and travel together on a shared path. (Steve Watts)

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The Hand Drill
Friction Fire Woods
Preferred Friction Fire Woods (PDF)
A Note On Eating Alder Catkins
Construction and Efficacy of Quartz Crystal-Tipped Hand Drills
Making a Horsetail Pan Flute

Exploring the Horizons of Mycophagy
Usefulness of Polypores In Primitive Firemaking
Stropharia ambigua: One of My Favorite Fungi for the Table
Melting Pitch in Pacific NW Shells
The Bow Drill
Eucalyptus Seed Buttons
Hafting a Stone Blade the Old-Fashioned Way
Random Paleolithic Ponderings
A Suggested Human Technology Timeline
Boiling With Hot Stones
Processing Yucca Leaves for Cordage
How Not To Coal-Burn a Wooden Container
Smoothing With Sand, Even-ing With Equisetum
Sculpting Soft Stone
Percussion Firestarting
Some Uses of Fire
Making a Stone Age Sling
Back to the Pleistocene!

More articles by Storm may be found on the Wildwood Survival website

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