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  To gain a position that will support, compliment, and enhance my Naturalist pursuits
  B.S. in Ecology: Unity College (Unity, Maine)
GPA: 3.85 (Salutatorian). Honors include the Faculty Award for academic excellence and contribution to the well-being of the campus community, the Grace B. Simmons Scholarship for demonstrated excellence in mathematics, and the Academic Merit I Scholarship.
Interpretation, EnvironMentoring, and Naturalist Experience
  • Maine Department of Labor/College Conservation Corps of Maine (1993-1994)
  • Unity College (1993-1997)
  • Maine Department of Conservation (1997)
  • Merck Forest and Farmland Center (1998)
  • Deep Portage Conservation Reserve (1998-1999)
  • Pathfinder Ranch OS (1999)
  • San Joaquin County OE at Redwood Glen (2000-2001)
  • Exploring New Horizons OS (2002)
  • Olympic Park Institute (2003-2004)
  • Blue Sky Meadow Outdoor Science Institute (2005)
  • Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School (2005-2007)

Have taught environmental science, outdoor recreation, team building, paleolithic skills, in-character cultural history (CA Gold Rush), sensory-oriented, dance/hoe-down, campfire and craft curricula to 1st graders through Elderhostelers in inter-tidal, chaparral, old-growth forest, boreal forest, temperate rainforest, foothill, sub-alpine, and desert environments. Served as Administrative Assistant, Cabin Leader Coordinator, Day Naturalist, Evening Naturalist, Senior Naturalist and Stone Age Skills Evening Program Presenter for various outdoor science schools. Prepared lessons in accordance with COSA’s and several states’ Education Frameworks and Curricula Standards.


Additional Skills
  • Worked as Field Assistant and Site Manager for the Univ. of MN for six summers. Controlled prescribed burns, collected field data, and maintained field experiments.
  • Collected data as a Domestic Observer for the National Marine Fisheries Service aboard a floating processor in the Bering Sea. Supervised ship’s fish sorting efforts and coordinated sampling efforts of other Observers from delivering catcher boats.
  • Collect, identified, and prepared Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, mycological, bryological, geological, floral and fossil collections for various research institutions and schools.
  • Enjoyed many seasons of agricultural field work--potato harvesting, haying, rock picking, livestock care, planting, cultivating, greenhouse operation, maple sugaring, forest stand thinning, trail maintenance and construction.
  • Practitioner of Paleolithic Skills: friction-fire, cordage, tool-making, ethnobotany, mycophagy, pottery, lithic reduction, etc.
  • Facilitate presentations and workshops for mycological clubs, the Boy Scouts, the Woodcraft Rangers, Paleolithic Skills gatherings, Homeschool groups, etc.
  • Publish articles in the Bulletin of Primitive Technology, Rock & Gem Magazine, Vigilance, Backwoodsman Magazine, Spore Prints, Wilderness Way, Nor’Easter Magazine, Mushroom: The Journal, Native Network Newsletter and various websites.
Note: Storm's resume has been retained on the site to provide a further glimpse into his life and personality.

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