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Honoring Mentors

Jim...thank you for supporting my writing endeavors. You teach me how to be a compassionate mentor...

Sharon...Your love and creativity has continually inspired me to exceed my life-horizons...

Baba Ram Dass

Through his book, Be Here Now, Ram Dass teaches me the value of cultivating infinite patience, of living in this moment, and of the watercourse way...

Gary Snyder

Gary compels me to walk wild, drink deeply from the wellspring of adventure, and to keep applying my life to the page...


The Magic Bus

mechanical messenger
vaporific vehicular vortex
zoom zoom zeitgeist
gargantuan grimy grazer--Return to Life!

Grizzly Adams

While television (and all other forms of modern media-tainment) is generally abominable, the Grizzly Adams character provided the embodiment of and inspiration for the hermitic wilderness immersion that i restlessly yearned for as a child...

Euell Gibbons

The modern Father of American nature-phagy, Euell stalked the wild anything in search of a natural meal. Here's to good and sensible eating...

Stephen Jay Gould

Stephen taught me the value of cross-discipline study. I can circuitously link my decision to enter into the world of Stone Age Skills to my reading some of Gould's books one summer.

Create a place others haven't found yet.
Illuminate it with experience.
Expose it with elegant and engaging prose.

Barry Lopez

One of my favorite authors.

River Notes/Desert Notes:

beauty of scale
never go back

Art Bell

The man who dares...

dares to tread into the dark...
dares to defy convention and stand tall upon his convictions...
dares to expand the realm of possibilities...

Mr. Bunny

What can I say about my trusty old friend? He keeps me young. He entertains. He even teaches lessons on trail. If only he'd stop pooping in my backpack...

Charles McIlvaine

An intrepid mycophagist and lover of all things Fungi, Charles may have eaten between 400 and 800 species of mushroom during his lifetime. I follow in his footsteps as a careful toadstool tester and ate my 300th species (Floccularia straminea) in 2005. 

He co-authored the book, One Thousand American Fungi, with Robert Macadam. 

John Denver
I really love how he expressed his love for nature in his songs!
Steve Irwin
Steve's exuberance for anything wild is an inspiration to any naturalist who spends a lot of time in the field trying to understand animal behavior. You will be missed...

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