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PaleoPlanet Forum

PaleoPlanet is one of the finest primitive skills forums on the Internet. Professionally moderated, it is populated by intelligent, creative people who love to share their knowledge and insight.

Thomas J. Elpel's Web Portal
Thomas Elpel has created a holistic, "global-picture" web portal offering personal empowerment through primitive skills, adventure, education, economic sustainabilty, green-building and other sustainable living skills. Be sure to visit the Store and pick up a few of his great books!

Bushcraft UK
Not only does Bushcraft UK (based in England) draw upon the deeper pool of European paleolithic knowledge in its primitive skills forum, it also generates an excellent magazine that concentrates on mentoring our next generation in the Old Ways (something that isn't promoted enough in the primitive skills field). Also check out their Articles, Photo Gallery and Shop!

Wildwood Survival--Walter Muma
Walter Muma is one of the most dedicated, knowledgeable and self-less naturalists I've ever encountered. His family of websites is a testament to his love for the Earth--in all of its forms. Upon visiting, you can engage yourself in primitive skills, survival and the wilderness mind, tracking, awareness, Ontario natural history, and much, much more...

PrimitiveWays Abo-Community
This very enjoyable site, hosted by a congenial assortment of generous Bay-area primitive technologists and abo-engineers, allows visitors to pose primitive skills questions (which get answered in short order). They also archive a selection of articles and tutorials for our perusal.

Society of Primitive Technology
The purpose of the Society of Primitive Technology is: 1) to promote the practice and teaching of aboriginal skills; 2) to foster communication between teachers and practitioners; and 3) to set standards for authenticity, ethics and quality.

The SPT publishes the Bulletin of Primitive Technology, which is by far the most informative and true-to-form Stone Age Skills journal on the market that I've seen. I cannot adequately express how impressed I am with this world-wide publication--subscribe today!

Calflora Botanical Database
CalFlora is the most comprehensive site available for California plant species photos and descriptions. $10/year subscription is a bargain...

Plants For a Future Database
Plants For a Future Database is absolutely amazing! It contains edible, medicinal and other uses for over 7000 plants (worldwide). It is well worth the cost to order some of their species monographs!

Native American Ethnobotany Database

Hosted by the University of Michigan-Dearborn, this site offers a database of foods, drugs, dyes and fibers used by North American peoples.

Tom Chester's Botany Site

Here's a fellow who has rediscovered the lost language of the flowers. His science is poetry: botanical reports, keys, photos, vegetation analyses...

Mushroom: The Journal
Leon has done a great job of promoting and publishing Mushroom: The Journal of Wild Mushrooming. With wit and wisdom he keeps the reader interested and wanting for more. Great publication!

North American Mycological Association
The North American Mycological Association is one of the largest organizations that connects us mycophiles to each other, as well as to the latest discoveries in the mushroom world, information on edibles and medicinals, nationwide club meetings and foray announcements, and educational materials.  Check out their Publications and Photography sections on their website!

Paul Krafel
Paul's book, Seeing Nature, changed my perspective on and challenged my assumptions of the landscape. He put me in Gaia's processes, whereas before I was merely standing on the Earth. He illuminates natural (meta)physical concepts such as Gradients, Balance, Tracks and Spirals of Change, Levels, Flow, Time Lags, Cycles, Divergence and Convergence, and much more.
Sprout People is a delightful and warm website devoted to the sprouting of seeds for eating. I very much like the Beanies, Amber Waves of Grain and San Francisco mixes, as well as their Micro-Greens seeds for germination on felt pads (soil-less growing, good for an indoor living or work space).

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