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Go inside a stone.  That would be my way.  Let someone else become a dove or gnash with a tiger's tooth.  I am happy to be a stone.  From the outside the stone is a riddle: no one knows how to answer it.  Yet within, it must be cool and quiet, even though a child throws it in a river; the stone sinks, slow, unperturbed, where the fishes come to knock on it and listen.  I have seen sparks fly out when two stones are rubbed, so perhaps it is not dark inside at all; perhaps there is a moon shining from somewhere, as though behind a hill--just enough light to make out the strange writings, the star charts on the inner walls.  (Charles Simic)

To every natural form, rock, fruit or flower, even the loose stones that cover the highway I gave a moral life; I saw them feel, or linked them to some feeling: the great mass lay bedded in a quickening soul, and all that I beheld respired with inward meaning.  (William Wordsworth)

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