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Stone Age Skills

Primitive Creations

Go inside a stone.  That would be my way.  Let someone else become a dove or gnash with a tiger's tooth.  I am happy to be a stone.  From the outside the stone is a riddle: no one knows how to answer it.  Yet within, it must be cool and quiet, even though a child throws it in a river; the stone sinks, slow, unperturbed, where the fishes come to knock on it and listen.  I have seen sparks fly out when two stones are rubbed, so perhaps it is not dark inside at all; perhaps there is a moon shining from somewhere, as though behind a hill--just enough light to make out the strange writings, the star charts on the inner walls.  (Charles Simic)
Chlorite-Talc-Ferrian Magnesite

Utah Alabaster
Talc and Actinolite/Chlorite?
Nephrite Jade
Talc and ?
Talc-Chlorite Schist
Talc-Chlorite Schist--in the light
Chlorite-Talc Schist
From a Serpentinite Vein
Jeffery Pine--Engraving Beetles 1
Jeffery Pine--Engraving Beetles 2
Talc Boulder
Talc Boulder in pieces
Talc with Magnesite and Iron cobbles
Polishing pendants with silt and buckskin
Talc Schist with spotted Iron/Magnesite?
Talc Schist from Serpentinite vein
Serpentinite and Talc (front)
Serpentinite and Talc (back)
Gray Talc Schist
Hard Talcish Rock from Serpentinite Vein
Green Talc
Talc Schist from Serpentinite Vein
Talc Schist with Serpentine (?)
Bull Kelp Horn, Cholla Talking Stick, Guaje Beanpod Rattle
Antler and Bone Tools
Elk Antler and Black Abalone Spoon
Artist's Conk Etching
Basalt Cutting Tools
Douglas Iris, Dogbane and Western Red Cedar Cordage
Deer Jaw Saw
Giant Reed Container
Mineral Paints
Keyhole Limpet Goggles
Obsidian, Flint, Opal and Quartzite Cutting Tools
Hematite and Limonite Mineral Paints
Limber Pine and NZ Flax Dream Catcher
Mineral Paints
Stone Oil Lamp (thanks, Jeff Gottlieb!)
Quartz Crystal-Tipped Hand Drills
Burned, Gouged, Scraped and Sanded Pine Bowl
Slate, Obsidian, Sierra Juniper and Petrified Burnt Wood Tools
Rattlesnake and Buckskin Pouches (sewn with sinew)
Antler and Stone Tools
Sponge I Found, Malibu Beaches
Various Small Tools
Spear Point and Antler Pressure Flaker
Soaproot Brush
Wavy Turban Snail Horn
Yellow Cedar Fire Tongs
White Sage Incense
Talc Powder From Pendant-Making
Green Talc
Catlinite (Pipestone)
Chlorite Schist
Catlinite (Pipestone)
Chlorite Schist with Magnesite Inclusions?
Catlinite (Pipestone)
Talc Schist
Talc Schist?

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